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places to stay in and around Atherstone

With so much to explore in and around Atherstone, why not extend your stay and take advantage of one of the hotels, bed and breakfasts or camping and caravanning located in and around the town. There is certainly plenty to choose from whether it be for a short break or business trip. Wherever you stay, you can be sure Atherstone will make your stay special.

Some of Our Best Places to Stay...

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We are a family & dog friendly well established holiday park, set in beautifully maintained, secluded grounds. Located within walking distance to the historical market...

 Accommodation /  Atherstone

The Atherstone Red Lion Hotel is an independently owned and operated traditional coaching inn, dating back to the 1500s, situated in the heart of Atherstone....

 Accommodation /  Atherstone

Set in a property dating from the 1940s, this down-to-earth bed-and-breakfast is 1.3 miles from Atherstone Golf Club, 5.9 miles from Arbury Hall and 8.8...

 Accommodation /  Mancetter

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