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North Warwickshire (Atherstone and Mancetter) Timebank

Everyone has skills, knowledge and abilities to offer, that could benefit someone.
Timebanking can turn strangers into friends. As all friendships, you must be ready to give and receive. The time bank will not work without this.
Timebanking is not volunteering or charity. Every member can offer their skills, abilities and knowledge to help others.
Timebanking is not a professional service as people do things to the best of their ability.
Everyone’s time is valued equally and will always be an hour for an hour.
North Warwickshire Timebank’s partners:
Timebanking UK
Warwickshire County Council
Timebanking UK co-ordinates the national timebanking network and supports and develops timebanks across the UK by offering training, materials and software.
Timebanking is growing rapidly and it would not be as successful as it is without the fantastic relationship between timebanks across the country.
For further information visit: https://tol2.timebanking.org/atherstone/

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